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Meetings are held the second Monday of the month 7:30pm at a private residence.

If you haven't been to a meeting in a while please contact the Membership Officer to confirm the meeting schedule.

Associates Program

History of the Program

The Covenant of the Goddess was founded in 1975 to provide legal recognition for Witches. It was created as an organization for Covens and Elders. Each member Coven is required to have an Elder, who is able to pass on their Tradition and is eligible for Credentials. Individuals who join in the special Solitary class of membership must meet the same criteria for Elder Credentials.

As early as 1991, members of CoG were aware provisions might be needed for Witches or Wiccans who do not meet the requirements for full membership. Contributing to this is the fact that the Craft community continues to grow and--if the Covenant is to serve the entire community--it becomes necessary to include newcomers to the Craft. Secondly, there are many Witches or Wiccans who, for various reasons, do not meet the requirements for Elder status as defined by CoG. Lastly, current membership requirements provide that a prospective member receive a letter of recommendation from two current members of CoG, and those who may practice in more isolated areas may not be able to accomplish this goal.

At Grand Council 1992, the first experimental program for Associates was agreed upon. This pilot effort applied only to Witches or Wiccans on college campuses. For the next several years other programs were tried on a year-to-year basis in various Local Councils, with each new variation of the program building upon the successes or lessons of the previous plan. At Grand Council 1998, The Associates Program, as it exists today, was proposed and adopted into the Covenant By-Laws. With its inception, the Covenant is able to reach out to a greater number of Witches and Wiccans and is better able to serve the Craft community as a whole.

May the Goddess grant Her Blessings to The Covenant of the Goddess Associates Program, that it may grow, flourish and serve Her Children!

So Mote It Be!

Associates Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are CoG Associates?

Associates (whether Covens, individuals or campus groups) are Witches or Wiccans who do not meet the criteria for full membership in CoG, but still wish to participate in the CoG community.

Is an Associate a member of CoG?

No, an Associate is not a voting participant of the Covenant, but an Associate receives many of the benefits of CoG membership.

What benefits does a CoG Associate receive?

An Associate falls under the legal umbrella of CoG. In addition, an Associate will receive a subscription to the National Newsletter (published eight times a year), member rates at CoG events (when such are offered), contact with willing CoG Elders and participation in a private listserv, open only to CoG Associates and Members. An Associate will receive a wallet-sized card, identifying him/her as a CoG Associate. An Associate is encouraged to attend Local Council meetings, if they are in an area where one exists, and to participate in any CoG-sponsored activities.

Can an Associate become a full member of CoG?

An Associate can only become a member of the Covenant when all the criteria for full membership have been met. CoG offers no program of training or method of gaining eligibility. Any such efforts are up to the Associate. CoG Association does, however, offer networking possibilities which may or may not contribute to those efforts.

Who is eligible to become an Associate?

The following are the eligibility requirements for a CoG Associate:

  1. An Associate must self-identify as a Witch or Wiccan.
  2. An Associate's beliefs must be compatible with the statements: "I worship the Goddess" or "I worship the Goddess and the Old Gods."
  3. An Associate must agree to subscribe to the Code of Ethics as defined by the CoG By-laws:
    1. An ye harm none, do as ye will.
    2. Since Our Religion and the arts and practices peculiar to it are the gift of the Goddess, membership and training in a Coven of members of Our Religion are bestowed free, as gifts, and only on those persons who are deemed worthy to receive them; nevertheless, a Coven may expect each of its members to bear a fair share of its ordinary operating expenses.
    3. All persons have the right to charge reasonable fees for the services by which they earn a living, so long as Our Religion is not thereby exploited.
    4. Every person associated with this Covenant shall respect the autonomy and sovereignty of each Coven, as well as the right of each Coven to oversee the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development of its members in its own way, and shall exercise reasonable caution against infringing upon that right in any way.
    5. All persons associated with the Covenant shall respect the traditional secrecy of Our Religion.
    6. Members of Our Religion should ever keep in mind both its underlying unity and the diversity of its manifestations, and should make clear on any communications just whom they are speaking for or about.
    7. These ethics shall be understood and interpreted in light of one another, and especially in light of traditional laws of Our Religion.
  4. An Associate must provide a Statement of Eligibility and a Letter of Introduction. A Letter of Recommendation from a CoG member is strongly encouraged but it is not required.

What is the cost of becoming a CoG Associate?

The annual fee for a CoG Associate is $50.00. Some Local Councils may require an additional payment in the form of dues. Annual renewal is required. As implied above, this fee includes a subscription to the CoG Newsletter.

Associate Application

To become a GoG Associate download the Associate Application and send it to:

Calafia Correspondence Officer
P O Box 17640
San Diego, CA 92177

or e-mail at