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Calafia Local Council

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month 7:30pm at a private residence.

If you haven't been to a meeting in a while please contact the Membership Officer to confirm the meeting schedule.

What's Brewing

This year 2016, there will be no Beltane in the Park.

We, the Board of Calafia Local Council, have noticed less participation with the public events. Many people have been asking and requesting classes. So instead of hosting public rituals, discussion is to offer classes semi-annually to the public and in public venues. We will see which subjects are of interest to the community. Then the search for teachers and venues will begin.

Calafia Local Council had hosted two public events every year. One in spring, Beltane in the Park and the second is Witches Night Out held just before Samhain. Last year, Beltane in the Park 2015, was windy and chilly, which caused a small gathering.

Last year, Witches Night Out was October 23, 2015 at Queen Bees. The ritual was based on memories of the past almost 30 years of rites. Tokens representing the message of each years' ritual were placed on the tables. People read a synopsis of each year from different areas around the room. Shaved roses with cards were given to attendees. Thank you to those that attended.

As I continually say, “Onwards”! Now on to the next experiences.

First Officer of Calafia Local Council